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Are Your Employees Eating Enough to Lose Weight?
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Debunk Common Weight Loss Myths
Discover what the leading myths about weight loss are and how they sabotage employees’ efforts to lose weight.
The F-Word on Sustained Weight Loss
The 5-letter F-word that changes everything about how your employees will experience sustainable weight loss in their future.
Losing Weight with a Full Plate
How the Full Plate Weight Loss Program is designed to help employees take small steps to help change their lifestyle for good.
Webinar Give-Away
As an attendee of this live webinar, you'll receive this complimentary 15-page guide to show your employees how to get started eating enough so they can lose weight without having to go on a diet this year.  
Meet The Presenters:
Anissa Chadick
System Director, Employee Wellness
As the System Director of Employee Wellness for INTEGRIS, Anissa Chadick has strategic and operational responsibilities for Wellness. She has over 20 years of experience in the field holding a bachelor’s degree in Community Health. She is a certified Personal Health Coach and Health Promotion Director from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas.
Diana Fleming PhD, LDN
Nutritionist & Coach
Full Plate Living
Dr. Diana Fleming has been a nutritionist and coach for Full Plate Living for the past 16 years. She received her PhD in nutrition from Tufts University. Diana is coauthor of a NY Times Bestselling book, The Full Plate Diet and the popular online video-based course, the Full Plate Weight Loss Program.

Meet The Moderator:
Ricky Seiler
Employer Network Manager
Full Plate Living
Ricky Seiler has served as the Employer Network Manager for Full Plate Living and the flagship online Full Plate Weight Loss Program for the past six years. He works with employee wellness professionals, from across the country to help them discover the benefit and ease of rolling out the Full Plate Weight Loss Program to their employees.
This webinar counts towards CE credit for both the CCWS, CVBS
 and SHRM designations.
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